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Attitude is everything, the ability to challenge the paid

The company's employment criteria: have a sense of innovation and enterprising spirit.

The company's competitive mechanisms: those who can afford the levels were so commonplace under.

Do everything we can do: their fitness, bit his or her own people.

The company not only through treatment to keep people more willing to be the cause of keeping sentiments.

China National Heavy Duty Truck has established a set of introduction and nurture talent, to play the value of talent, develop employees to innovate, to encourage hard work and the application system of the survival of the fittest, the formation of functions related to a focus on independent, job, work interface is smooth, positive contributions, heavy responsibilities of the work situation.

Scientific and standardized job design so that employees in the job growth, the development of personal potential value, create jobs value. Talent assessment is based primarily on the value of job creation to expand to avoid out of the post-sided talent assessment. Should strengthen the positions should know the requirements to deepen skills assessment, not mediocre, do not lazy, do not support idlers.

Enhance staff plasticity, and encouraging employees the diligent hands good brains, not terrible wrong things, the key is to dare to learn from the experience and enthusiastic courage to challenge themselves to do a people who have contributed.

Develop the relaxed atmosphere of the staff to do things, self-understanding, a clear understanding of the goals, cognitive work, to work in a positive and healthy attitude, development work in the open, open the hard work in developing.

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