Justin Kassel starts the lecture at CNHTC

On February 27th, Ms. Justin Kassel, co-chair of the Future Computing Council of the World Economic Forum, former Chairman of the Artificial Intelligence Committee, and Associate Dean of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University visited the China National Heavy Duty Truck Group. She made a keynote speech titled “Artificial Intelligence and Global Future Economy” in China National Heavy Duty Truck Technology Building. It elaborated on the development direction of artificial intelligence and its important influence on the economy, attracting more than 700 people from governments, universities, and enterprises.

Xu Qun, Jinan Municipal Committee standing committee member and deputy mayor of Jinan City, delivered a speech and participated in the dialogue. The guests together witnessed the appointment of Chairman Kassel as China National Heavy Duty Truck Artificial Intelligence Strategic Consultant. And Cai Dong, General Manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. issued a certificate for Cassel.

During Kassel's visit, Jinan City organized a series of activities focusing on smart new technology to stimulate Quanzhou's new kinetic energy. Wang Zhonglin, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor of Jinan City, met with Kassel and his party. The two sides exchanged best practices in the application of artificial intelligence in urban governance and global experience. They discussed the use of the Davos World Economic Forum platform to facilitate economic and social development in Jinan. CNHTC has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with "Financial World".

Cai Dong introduced the application of Sinotruk intelligent trucks. He stated,“the commercial vehicle industry is fully competitive in the world. The vehicles produced by the manufacturers are to create higher value for the users. It can be foreseen that the Automatic Driving is an important direction, so Sinotruk began research on smart trucks as early as 2011. ”He also exchanged views with guests on the development direction of artificial intelligence in auto-driving.

Prior to the speech, Chairman Kassel visited China National Chevalier Zhangqiu Industrial Park accompanied by relevant departments of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group. She watched with interest the intelligent production line of Sinotruk and Sinotruk Smart Truck. President Kassel stated that "we are very surprised that Sinotruk can make sensor technology so advanced and integrate radar, GPS and other technologies to explore the road ahead in time and enhance the safety of vehicle operations.


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